Course: Civil Resistance and the Dynamics of Nonviolent Conflict

The USIP and ICNC have jointly developed a course on Civil Resistance and the Dynamics of Nonviolent Conflict, which is free for a limited time while in beta testing – get on that.

I’m really excited to be participating, for a number of reasons: first, I have a particular interest in nonviolent resistance in Cuba, but more broadly I’m interested in how global imbalances of power negatively impact on the life opportunities of individuals and communities. I think this course will provide an interesting look at how the people themselves – often a forgotten element in international affairs analysis – already make their preferences known, and strategies by which their voices can be amplified.

The details:

Objectives. By the end of the course, students will:

  1. Explore the historical impact of civil resistance and apply this learning to contemporary examples;
  2. Analyze nonviolent movements from a strategic perspective;
  3. Gain insights and perspectives from experts who employ nonviolent methods in various sectors;
  4. Engage in conversation around key ideas, topics, and themes in nonviolent conflict, including its relationship to international relations;
  5. Recognize elements of civil resistance in your immediate environment and around the world, and;
  6. Practice strategically planning and implementing nonviolent struggle.

Five sessions:

  1. Theoretical Foundations
  2. Historical Record
  3. Tools of Conflict Analysis
  4. Strategy and Tactics of Civil Resistance
  5. Tactics in Depth

I’ll be blogging some of my thoughts as the course progresses, and I’d love to hear from you if you’re participating as well.


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