The Pieces of Humanity We Lose

I’m attempting to write a passably intelligent piece about social change, family upheaval and women’s/men’s rights in Papua New Guinea without falling into an epic spiral of MRA website hate reading from which I will emerge a broken and bitter woman much later tonight…

Pleasingly, I ran across this very thoughtful interview with Gary Barker of Promundo. He has a really delightful turn of phrase: “the pieces of humanity men lose by not being connected to the daily care of others” [around 4:38]. He goes on to discuss the negative effects of social constructions of masculinities and femininities on individual wellbeing and human experience.

In an economy that undervalues care work, overvalues material success and competition, and merely flirts with Work/Life Balance before telling women they need to Lean In, perhaps we all run the risk of losing those pieces of humanity.

See also: Barker & Verani (2008) Men’s Participation as Fathers in the Latin American and Caribbean Region [pdf]


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