Carbon Pricing in Australia: The Creeping Red Threat


Tony Abbot has described the Carbon Tax thusly to the Tasmanian Liberal Party conference:

“Let’s be under no illusions the carbon tax was socialism masquerading as environmentalism”
— From ABC News, emphasis mine.

Ah yes, that age-old socialist policy prescription of using price signals to attempt to correct negative externalities in the market.

The creeping red threat is even apparent in the highest echelons of the Australian economics profession, with thirty of 35 economists surveyed by Fairfax supporting carbon pricing and emissions trading schemes over direct action (or no action). The bias towards socialist policy is being instilled in our undergraduates:

BT Financial’s Dr Chris Caton said any economist who did not opt for emissions trading “should hand his degree back”.
— From Sydney Morning Herald

And that bastion of International Socialist Thought, The Economist, has also come out in favour of carbon pricing, even attempting to import our previous government’s socialist measures into its home economy:

“The supposedly left-wing Ms Gillard, even allowing for her handouts, is making price signals central to Australia’s carbon plans. If only Britain’s supposedly free-market government would do the same.”
— From The Economist, emphasis mine

But never fear, the Liberal Party are here to stop the slide and return us to free market orthodoxy by … directly paying for emissions reductions.

(Jamie Hanson puts it even better over at New Matilda)


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