The Venezuelan elections in a single photo

From BBC Mundo’s live blogging of the Venezuelan elections (my translation):

Venezuela’s borders were closed at midday Saturday and will not reopen until 11:59 pm tonight [Sunday].

Nevertheless, some braved the strong waters of the Táchira River this Sunday, in order to vote.

For the last few hours I’ve been hitting refresh on Mundo’s blog and watching the flickering, fast-moving and frustratingly speculative flow of tweets with Lanata’s Periodismo para Todos on in the background. #ComiendoUñas indeed (biting my nails). I was feeling shirty and anxious.

Then I saw this photo. Tweeted it. That tweet got favourited, and in the twitter feed of that person appeared this one:

#WeAreVenezuela RT @jeffersonparada: They crossed the Tachira River  just to exercise their right to vote.

There was a historic turnout and enormous participation amongst Venezuelans living overseas. That, at least, is a triumph for democracy. Here’s hoping the elections are clean and the elected president manages to unite a divided country.

#WeAreVenezuela. I wish you all well.

Edited 10 minutes later to add: So, that’s it. Chávez 54%, Capriles 44%. Enormous turnout of 80.4%. I’m incredibly disappointed. May the opposition remain united and strong: this was an inspiring practice run for 2019.


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