What I’ve Been Reading: Friday, 29 June 2012

It’s been a chaotic couple of weeks: lots of reading in Spanish, not so much in English.

Nevertheless, the latest Foreign Policy Magazine turned up in my Zinio, and General Mladic in The Hague is a great read, along with the 2012 Failed States Index, controversial as always. Robert Kaplan’s What’s Wrong With Pakistan is terrific, too.

Anne-Marie Slaughter’s essay Why Women Still Can’t Have It All has been doing the social media rounds for a while now but I finally found time to read it a few days ago (it is long. Looong). Beyond the novelty of a hearing it from the pen of a high-powered, highly-successful women, it’s also refreshing for its point of view. No high-powered rhetoric or philosophical feminism: the practicality of balancing personal lives and work, and how the current system makes that very difficult for women (and men). Wonderful read.

I’m mid-way through Action on Armed Violence’s report on State Capacity to Address Armed Violence in Latin America: especially interesting coming after the Peace Index and Latinobarómetro report on violence. My big takeaway so far is that policies at the moment are mostly reactive, with too little attention paid to monitoring and analysing the problem from a cohesive, regional point of view. States are treading water, whacking moles.


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