Movie: Elefante Blanco

I just got home from seeing Elefante Blanco (White Elephant). I highly recommend it, although my inability to find an English-subtitled trailer doesn’t bode well for an English-subtitled film, at least not yet.

Nevertheless, for those who understand Spanish: see it.

I came out of the cinema a little shaken, and a little sad. It captures many of the oft-ignored realities of contemporary Argentina: grand social projects begun, then left to one side (thanks to crisis or coup); drugs and violence; impunity and injustice.

On second thought it’s not so much a comment on contemporary Argentina as on the slums, villas, favelas and pueblos jóvenes* to be found all over the world.

*Villa is used to designate the poor suburbs around Buenos Aires, although some of them have become trendy and gentrified. Pueblos jóvenes (young towns) are the shanty towns that have sprung up over the last ten or twenty years around Lima and other large Peruvian cities.

You saw City of God: you don’t need me to tell you what a favela is.


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